Quarto is a graphic design studio that specializes in providing creative ideas and thoughtful design for communication and marketing materials, books and publications, corporate identity and custom presentation pieces. We work with new and established companies, organizations and individuals.

With over fifteen years experience in the design industry, award recognition, and a passion for innovative and effective visual communication solutions, Quarto can work with you to strengthen your company’s brand image. We can help you develop intelligent and focused communication materials that build on a consistent and solid visual identity, tailored to appeal to your audience.

Quarto believes that good design begins with good ideas. Our unique ideas, our clear and functional design, and our direct and honest approach are what make us stand out.

Take a look at our work. We’d love to hear from you and to discuss your next project.

Where does our name come from?

Quarto Design takes its name from one of the most common traditional book page formats. A quarto (from the Latin quartus, meaning four) is a sheet of paper folded twice to make four leaves, or eight pages.



We apply design principles, knowledge of typography, fine materials and high-quality workmanship to every job we undertake. All work is crafted with precision and care, and all outsourced printing is supervised to the highest degree. We deliver only the highest quality product.

Environmental Concerns

We focus on eco-friendly printing methods and materials as much as possible (such as recycled paper content, FSC certification, soy and vegetable-based inks and paper produced with alternative energy sources). We give you the option of producing printed materials in an environmentally-friendly way to help reduce environmental impact. We’re also committed to using local suppliers where possible, including printers and other vendors.

Attention to Detail

Even before a project begins, we work with you to understand your needs. In collaboration, a creative brief is prepared to thoroughly understand the project, the context and the intended audience. From brainstorming to deadline, we manage your project with thoroughness and flexibility, and deliver it efficiently and on time.

Community and Charity Involvement

In addition to client work, we often engage in pro bono work and design for projects that benefit charitable causes.