Russian Federation Forest Sector Outlook Study to 2030

The Forestry Department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN hired us to design this important outlook study that urges innovations and investments to modernize the forest sector in the Russian Federation and to maximize its potential as a global mitigator of climate change and as an important source of timber.

We provided design services for both the English and Russian versions of the 80+ page study. The cover design has the ability to be used as a template for future outlook studies in the same series.

“Kate is a very competent, creative and professional designer. She continually provides excellent quality work for United Nations publications. She is very precise, efficient and hard working, and is able to work smoothly and in a cooperative manner under tight time pressures and provides quality results. It is a pleasure to work with her and I would highly recommend her design services to potential customers.” –Maxim Lobovikov, Chief of Forest Products and Industries, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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